Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nine Garuda Seva at Alwarthirunagari

Nine garuda seva festival will be held during the month of (May / Vaikasi) every year. People used to call as "Iyntham Thiruvizha" (5th day festival)

All the Perumals from the Navathirupathi temple participate in their Garuda Vahanams. Nammalvar comes in Mayil Vahanam and Madhurakavi Alwar in a Palanquin. In all there are 9 Perumals and 2 Alwars. Seeing this wonderful urchavam, one can understand why people say 2 eyes are not enough sometimes.

This is a 10 day urchavam which happens during Nammalwars’ Thirunakshatram {Vaikasi Visaagam}. The Garuda Seva happens on the 5th day of the 10 day urchavam. At the start of the 5th day the Perumals of the NavaThirupathi stalams {except Alwarthirunagari} arrive at the Alwarthirunagari temple premises. As they arrive, each perumal is welcomed by Nammalwar.

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